I am honored to teach undergraduates, graduate students, and post-docs, about a range of issues in social science. See my github page for a copy of my course materials.

If you are a graduate student, post-doc, or junior faculty member, you may be interested in the Summer Institutes in Computational Social Science that I co-organize with Matt Salganik. Visit the link above to see all lecture slides, codes, and video from Matt, me, and a number of fantastic guest lectures including Gary King, Michael Macy, Deborah Estrin, and many others.

I have also produced a free, open-source Text as Data class that might be of interest to people interested in learning about how to scrape data from the internet and analyze it using automated text analysis techniques such as topic models, text networks, or word embeddings.

I am also passionate about improving public understanding of sociology and therefore regular teach introduction to sociology as well as an undergraduate course on computational social science. If you are a former student who would like to request a recommendation letter, please visit the link to the form on your syllabus.